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Double-station Electric Heat Press Machine

Technical Highlights
Mix Transfer Width: Unlimited
Max Transfer Width: 50*60cm

Electric control, no manual pressing or air pump required.
Integrated cast aluminum heating plate,All heating wires are cast inside the heating plate, more even and safer.
Optional infrared positioning device for precise positioning of hot stamping positions.
Equipped with double guide rails,more stable movement.
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Technical Specifications

Product Specifications
Product nameDouble-station Electric Heat Press Machine
Printing MethodHeat Transfer Printing
Motion MethodFull electirc automatic(No air compressor needed)
Mix Transfer WidthUnlimited
Max Transfer Width50*60cm
Heating Temperature0-200℃
DimensionsMachine sizeL1010*W740*H800mm
Packing sizeL1100*W840*H980mm
WeightNet Weight148KG
Gross Weight185KG
Working Power4000W
Power110V/220V optional, 16A




Fully automatic 

 Move in all four directions, including up, down, left, and right.


Electric control

No manual pressing or air pump required.


Full servo motor

Z-axis motor precisely controls temperature, pressing time, and lifting height.


Integrated cast aluminum heating plate

All heating wires are cast inside the heating plate, providing more uniform temperature heating and safer heating process.


Touch screen

An independently developed PLC control system that covers all pressing functions and parameter settings. I/O monitoring effectively helps engineers quickly locate machine issues.


Infrared laser dual positioning device

Optional infrared locator, turns on when powered on, accurately locates the position of hot stamping.


Linear double guide rail

The machine is equipped with double guide rails internally, making the movement of the heating plate more stable.


Four handling handles

Two on each side for easy handling.




Applications of DTF Printer

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✔ T-shirt                       ✔  Denim/Jeans
✔ Canvas                      ✔  Hoodies

✔ Backpacks.               ✔  Lanyards

✔ Shoes                        ✔  Gift Bags

✔ Baseball Caps          ✔  Fabric Gift Boxes
✔ Sweaters and more......

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